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Here’s what we did: Krevitt and I talked while the men’s gigs were happening, and we saw an opportunity to create some kind of AI trend report. As I do every men’s fashion season, I started following trends at first glance during the first runway show, and when the Runway team and I made it to the final list, Krevitt was provide the model he created all our images with : Outwear, outerwear, heavy jacket, new sportswear, reimagined workwear… Magazine report My Vogue Runway covers nine trends that will dominate the fall 2023 menswear season; what Krevitt created are 11 interfaces that aggregate collections. Yes, 11 brand new looks created through AI based on all the data we gathered from the menswear season. “There is a misconception that AI art and AI image creation is a collage that takes parts of an existing image and places them somewhere else,” says Krevitt. “But that is not what is happening. What we did is with a custom model, we taught the AI something new. The first step is a fuzzy noise pattern, and each step draws tiny connections between those pixels in a process that the AI thinks might be right.” In a nutshell: Krevitt created a custom model based on our authentic, ideal product and runway collections. “All the plotted pixels are completely novel based on all the information you give it,” he added. To put it more clearly: “It’s like I go to all these fashion shows and watch each model come down the runway, and then a week later I take a pen and pencil and draw them. by memory,” certainly, drawings will not look like collections, but they encapsulate their content: silhouettes, proportions, fabrication, pleating.

Official cincinnatI bengals it's ok to be different autism shirt

Krevitt understands the questions surrounding AI—and general anxiety. But trust me, this is not a replacement for a trend report, nor is it an attempt to replace anyone’s editorial eye with AI. “What we did together was more of an exploration of data science than of fashion,” he said. If there’s anything a fashionista can tell you, it’s that there’s nothing like the real thing—that’s what keeps us coming back to the shows every season. Krevitt adds: “We took the data points from the runway and put them into a mathematical model and said, hey, let’s explore this. “But of course it won’t have the same soul, heart and spirit of something that is cut, sewn and then worn by one person.”

Official cincinnatI bengals it's ok to be different autism s hoodie

Late last year, I visited exceptional designer Willie Norris at her studio in Brooklyn. After showing me through her collection, she told me she had something really cool she wanted to show me. Like any decent reporter — and curious — I was ready to check it out. It turns out that Norris teamed up with artist Zak Krevitt to interpret the images for her spring 2023 search through the lens of AI—yes, artificial intelligence. Krevitt transformed Norris models into otherworldly fantasy creatures: Aliens walked down the runway in menswear of bizarre proportions — like a Vogue Runway photobook. and a surrealist painting is put in a blender. A few weeks later, I connected with Krevitt on Instagram. Norris created these AI illustrations, and when I shared one online, Krevitt popped up in my DM asking for his artwork—as he should! We started talking. Like many others, I’ve seen all the AI controversies out there, but am still curious about how it works. Krevitt explained many things that I can’t eloquently explain here: Code, custom AI models, image databases, math in data science. What I learned from our conversation is that AI, no matter how scary it sounds—everything from Scarlett Johansson in Her to Wall-E to I, Robot comes to mind—is a opportunity to process images and data. It’s here like it or not, so why not try to understand it?

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