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They are keen to promote their Western democratic theories, but they are actually promoting the “outline” part of the American self-use system. They attract other countries with high moral standards and combined with American hegemony, it is in the best interest of the United States to promote Western democracy around the world. But we know that the establishment of “Rituals of Zhou” originated from the strength of the Zhou Dynasty itself. The Zhou Dynasty can effectively deter and intervene in the vassal states under its jurisdiction so that the vassal states can operate according to this set of “Rituals of Zhou”. But once the Zhou Dynasty declined, it lost its deterrent ability.

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In particular, the United States is now nominally the creator and leader of the international order. But after the United States personally destroyed its own international order, it is simply a fantasy to want everyone to continue to follow. Over time, even ordinary people can smell the trend of the collapse of the international order. Especially since the Beijing Winter Olympics, the effect of the gradual collapse of the international order dominated by the United States has become more and more obvious. Admirers of the United States, former converts under the “Rituals of Zhou” system, are now wailing everywhere. Even the “rationalists” who disguised well on weekdays were anxious. Someone shouted what should we do if America is over? Some people worry that the United States will no longer care about them; Some people worry that they have lost the trust of the United States and will go bankrupt soon.

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These people survive by maintaining “Rituals of Zhou”. They are witnessing the collapse of the international order established by the United States. They are all in a hurry now. After all, there are no “Rituals of Zhou”, it is inevitable that there will be the idea of ​​”the king of Zhou abandons me”. Even Gordon G. Chang, who shouted “The Coming Collapse of China” every day, said “The Coming Collapse of America” for the first time in an interview with Fox News. At the same time, he also said that Biden has failed to defend the interests of the United States, and China and Russia will subvert the world pattern. For Gordon G. Chang, who can brazenly continue to write “The Coming Collapse of China” no matter how many times he has been denied, this is the first time I have seen him lose his temper.

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I used to read “And Quiet Flows the Don”, which wrote that when the Czar was overthrown, the Cossacks whispered: “The Czar is gone, how are we going to live!” Now looking back on these people, they are exactly the same as those Cossacks. Russia did not know whether it was intentional or not and took the initiative to assume the role of the game-breaker. You will find that the illusions forged by the West have been shattered one by one in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict: When Putin ordered that Russia’s deterrent nuclear forces be placed on high alert, Biden hurriedly expressed his hope to “reduce words and ease the situation”; The Pentagon immediately claimed that the nuclear war could not be won and should not be launched; The United States even canceled the plan to test fire militia intercontinental ballistic missiles to show that the United States has not strengthened its nuclear preparations.

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In the face of Zelenskyy’s plea, the United States has repeatedly said that it will never intervene militarily in Ukraine, and even the military deterrence that the United States is best at has become useless. It is inevitable that countries around the world will have the idea “I think the superpower monarch is supreme. Now he is so timid, why should I respect him again”. This idea is not only produced in Russia but also in countries all over the world. Even American allies such as Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates dare to directly refuse Biden’s telephone connection. Westerners, who have become accustomed to the role of high caste, are exactly like the Western Jin ministers when they were invaded by barbarians. They are not afraid and panic, but inconceivable: Are you not a slave country? We have bullied you for so long, why should you resist?


Although the vast majority of people in this world still think that the Ukraine war is just an ordinary local war. Just like they think that the War to Resist U.S. Aggression and Aid Korea is just an ordinary local war. But the appearance of peace is becoming more and more unsustainable, and the hypocritical peace of the 21st century is about to pass. This era is indeed changing. The old unreasonable world dominated by the United States, which we were familiar with before, will never come back. Putin has never wanted to take over Ukraine. Land in Ukraine has never been any part of what Russia demanded. the demand is very simple; Putin asked Ukraine to NOT become a member of NATO, or if they do become a member of NATO, they promise NOT to place a NATO military base in Ukraine, because NATO is basically an anti-Russia organization. Putin is obviously not interested in annexing Ukraine or making them a part of Russia. He might want to give independence to two parts of Ukraine that want it.