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A Siamese mix makes a lovely addition to kids. They’re opinionated, but gentle, sociable, and forgiving. They often won’t allow children to pick them up (mine doesn’t, and the kids are teens) but don’t hurt the children. Mine has rather a cute trick of simply hopping out of their embraces. I would have to say you must think of the children and their potential to harm a cat as naturally…relaxed…as a Ragdoll before you decide, though. Maybe your kids are gentle and older with lots of cat experience. Maybe the Ragdoll in question doesn’t go fully limp. Depends entirely on the machine and the operator. I use a cheap 1980s Kenmore which has no problems with doing multiple layers of upholstery fabric, and I’ve used modern-state-of-the-art machines that will jam at the sight of the canvas. (actually, the really good machines are far more touchy than the cheap ones.) The opening in the faceplate also determines how likely the needle is to break if it is pulled slightly out of alignment. If the opening is a small hole, then any bending of the needle will cause it to snap. if it is a wide oblong for zig-zag, then the needle can bend slightly to the side without hitting metal.

Here is my personal observation, and the reason I started doing that: thick fabric may not feed at the pace it is supposed to because of pressure/friction. Let’s say the feed is trying to move the fabric at 10 unnamed units per second, and a thin piece of cotton would pass under the needle at that speed. but because a thick fabric is harder to pull through, it only actually moves at about 9. The problem is that the needle motion is timed to match the fabric moving at 10. So at some point, you have a needle being pulled slightly at an angle it was not meant to go, and it may hit the faceplate and snap. Once I figured that out and started sewing very slowly, so the fabric had time to ease its way through, I broke many fewer needles. An organ or tissue protrudes through an unusual opening in the abdominal wall, a muscle, or another body part; it is known as a dog hernia. While hernias frequently affect the abdomen, they can affect any body part.

Biden is the right president to show the right balance of restraint and assistance to Ukraine. He is playing it JUST right for America’s interests (he is putting America first not Ukraine first in his response, shallow some might say but it’s literally his job to do that). Trump is the sort of monumentally self-centered narcissist who if Putin started posturing about nuclear weapons is the sort to go and run and hide in a bunker and then tell his generals to nuke Russia. I keep seeing this question on here, as though people don’t search the question first to see if it’s already been answered. But the answer is no, this war exists solely in Putin’s mind. It’s where it started and where it must end. If Putin will let his countrymen starve to play out war for his own delusions, no one and I mean NO ONE will stop him until either he’s lost/won his war on Democracy or until someone kills the bloody imbecile. Honestly, though I don’t wish death on most people, I think the latter option might be the only way to end this conflict before Ukraine is reduced to rubble. This autumn’s mid-term elections in the US will likely change the political agenda. Presumably, the Republicans will win and then work on impeaching Mr. Biden.

Several countries already face fatigue in the European Union: Their populations do not want to be the price of Western Foreign Policy. Currently, they suffer from stagflation (=increase in prices while the economy stagnates). Due to the above, the risk of political turmoil within the European Union increases. Politicians want to stay in power and start taking precautions already. For instance, there is now a peace camp led by France, Germany, and Italy that seeks an early cease-fire, even if that would weaken Ukraine’s negotiation position. Ukraine now gets long-range missiles. However, the counter-attacking of the territory is more resource-intensive than defending territory and luring Russian forces into ambushes. The Ruble is the best-performing currency in 2022, measured against the US dollar. The sanctions bite but can be compensated by selling commodities to Asia. Russia, meanwhile, also has a grip on Ukraine’s economy, especially on the ports. Therefore, they control grain exports with a massive impact on India and African countries. Other nations seek to barter deals with Russia to avoid a global hunger catastrophe. Unsurprisingly, they demand a lift of sanctions.

Take your furry pal to a vet or renowned DCC Animal Hospital immediately if you think he/she may have a hernia. A hernia may sometimes be visible, or your veterinarian may identify it during a checkup. Your veterinarian might need to take x-rays to see the hernia in your furry companion if it is difficult to spot. An abdominal ultrasound may also be necessary. Additionally, your veterinarian may look for any respiratory or digestive issues and uncomfortable or hard lumps. The dogs used on the war fronts by the Wehrmacht and the SS were put down because they were of no use to the Allies. Some of these dogs were trained to kill. Some were trained to rescue. The allies did not need to take dogs as prisoners. And since dogs are very loyal, many would not look kindly at the handler being killed or captured.


It’s really incredible how common knowledge that Russia expressed no real resistance to a decade ago has become so thoroughly forgotten, misrepresented, and in some cases simply denied by (and in) Russia! I generally used to like Putin; his goofy photo-ops, obsession with history, insistence on self-reliance – these things were endearing and I could agree with them. Now though, the way he misrepresents history has really amped up and during the COVID-19 years, it seems like he’s kinda gone off the deep end. Russia looks and sounds a lot like Nazi Germany; the propaganda, manipulation of history, insistence on ‘cleansing’ people in Ukraine, and with a leader railing about the need for more space and decrying the existence of culture (except this time it’s the Ukrainians rather than Jews), the parallels are undeniable. One would think they are impossible to miss. It’s astounding! Good luck in Herr Putler’s, whoops sorry, er, President Putin’s Russia. For everybody’s sake, I genuinely hope that he can deflate tensions and perhaps take a little hit to his domestic credibility, rather than continuing to threaten to trigger a nuclear conflict.