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She wasn’t having it. “What grade are you in?” “Third” I responded, again bemused wondering why this woman had such a stake in what book I was reading. Oh now it was ON. “You can’t read that book!! It’s too old for you!” Now I was beyond bemused and into the territory of confused. What? How can I not read a book I’m in the middle of reading. Plus I knew something she did not. “Actually I have this at home and I’m rereading it.” Her head shook like a terrier. “You can’t have!” Oooookay. I proceeded to lay out the plot and protagonist. And yes, eight year old me used those terms. Did I mention I was raised by teachers? But it did not matter. She took that book and said I was too young to read it and put it back on the shelf. Huh. I sat for a minute. Looked at her sanctimonious self sitting at her desk. Thought for a minute and then got up and went and got the book and went back to reading.

Ugly christmas viking shirt

I remember moving from the children’s section to the adult section when I was eleven and the children’s librarians being shocked. I was more upset by the fact they wouldn’t allow me to check out more than eight books a week. I’d return them the next week. They’d always give me the new staff members in glee to watch their faces. One bright day I had children. And I had to tell the librarians they were allowed to check out whatever their little hearts desired. I had my things all spread out on a table, working and got up to get another reference book. I left books open, note paper out, pens, etc. So obviously the table was being used by someone. I come back and all 4 of the chairs around it are gone, even the one I was using that had my books facing it so it was obviously taken, but was also pulled over to another table with a lot of people around it. I saw a librarian walk past, and in a to loud for a library (which in itself irks me to no end), I explained what had happened. Gesturing to that other table as I did so. I explained that I “just wanted permission to move a chair to my table, as there may not be enough for someone that comes in after me.” She and I were standing side by side and when she turned to pull a chair over for me I gave that other table my sweetest smile but with dagger eyes. I’d made my point. The librarian may have thought me a bit strange, but that’s OK.

Ugly christmas viking s Hoodie

I went to the library on a Saturday and I wanted to read Angels and Demons by Dan Brown. My plan was to read the first 100 pages and if I liked the book I would check it out and finish it. I was sitting in one of chairs they had at the library when all of a sudden a man approaches me and asks loudly if I was finished with the book. It was obvious that I was still reading it so I told him no I wasn’t done with it. 10 minutes later, he came to me again and said ma’am are you finished with that book. Now I was upset because he was ruining what was supposed to be a relaxing Saturday afternoon. I told him give me 10 minutes and I’ll be done. When he left I went and checked out the book and went back home to read it. September 11, 2001 happened. I was reading aloud to a group of students in the library. A big TV was mounted on the wall where CNN was playing on muted sound. I heard another teacher yell, “Oh my God!” I looked up in time to see the second plane hit live on television.

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