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Evan Olav Næss, Teyana Taylor and Jasmine Sanders Stefanie Keenan/Getty ImagesStefanie Keenan/Getty ImagesMachine Gun KellyStefanie Keenan/Getty ImagesSunday The Grammy performance was like a big party in and of itself, but many people still focused their energies on keeping it going. out nice into the night with Universal Music Group. Kim Petras, who made history with her Grammy win earlier in the night, had plenty of reason to celebrate, and traded her mini dress for a embellished one (keeping the red theme intact). her and Sam Smith on the night), Olivia Rodrigo wore a sequined dress. Some, Shania Twain partyed with members of Travis Japan while Joe Jonas spent time with Stevie Wonder. The noise pollution life on one of London’s busiest streets didn’t choose me… I don’t know why I chose it. When the whistle wakes me up every morning, I often wonder where I went wrong. But despite my best intentions to start the day without my phone, I regularly unlock my iPhone, go to Instagram, and start scrolling. Contrary to what you might expect, what I found brought me pure joy: not pictures of influencers holding the latest It-bag, nor scrolls of nail polish in motion, but rotting robins chirping in frost-covered branches, or snapshots of sunsets over verdant fields. Beyond hands-on experience, what could be better? I guess you could say I’m one of the millions who are obsessed with #FarmTok right now. While I can personally only record a handful of the 9.4 billion views on this topic on TikTok—I’m in my thirties for the sole reason—and on Instagram, I’m watching content that’s just me. as healthy as anyone’s own business. And my algorithm is taking note. Besides the new Love Island contestant “Farmer Will,” an innocent and earthly character who enjoys taking selfies with (obsessed) lambs, there are several accounts of nature worship, activity outdoor movement that I can’t fully understand.

January february madness april shirt

SaturdayClive Davis’ annual gala made its first IRL since 2020, and it’s a reminder that no pre-Grammy gala is quite the same. As dinner was served with a Gray Goose Passion Drop cocktail, new Grammy-nominated artist Måneskin opened the night’s sequence (flashing lights and all), Frankie Valli led an impromptu performance. “I Love You Baby” (even Machine Gun Kelly spotted the belt for the chorus), and Lil Nas X flexes his six-pack abs around the room. And in between Cardi B. and Offset and Paris Hilton and Carter Reum, the night has its fair share of celebrity PDAs. Saturday, apparently, Hollywood’s biggest stars are pretty good roller skaters, too, as was the main attraction at Interscope’s pre-Grammy Awards honoring Dr. Dre, whom many attended the session. Clive Davis’s gala was then tricked. Spotted: Usher outmatches everyone else on the ring, Floyd Mayweather shows up, Diplo makes a quick stop at the event before his flight to Vegas, and Machine Gun Kelly (in a graphic turtleneck top very similar to Machine Gun’s Kelly) mingled with friends. Megan Fox was absent, however, who was spotted with her boyfriend earlier in the night.

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If it all sounds pretty well known, it’s, actually, pretty understandable. The term “biophilia” refers to people’s innate urge to immerse themselves in—and connect with—the great outdoors. Many of us city dwellers spend our lives trying to increase our exposure to the natural world, whether it’s filling our apartments with “air-cleaning” plants (called photorealists). appropriate, friends) or use biodesign (such as floor-to-ceiling windows). , put the outside in). It is clear that we all need our fair share with Mother Nature to stay sane. And while I may not have the sleek architecture or rugged moorland to my liking, what I always carry with me is my phone. One of my favorite accounts to research is Putman and the Totally Soothing Robin, in which gardener Tony Putman chronicles his friendship with a robin named Bob. Listening to Bob chirping with his human friend was the exact definition of healthy stuff, melted my heart, and helped get me through some stressful moments. Tony said comments from his 105,000 followers tell a similar story. Instagram content

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