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Their wedding was held on September 17, 2022 at Jay Sures’ backyard in Brentwood. Kristina explains: “Jay has been Steven’s agent and friend for 30 years. “He has an incredible fortune so when he generously offered to let us have our wedding there, we jumped at the chance.” The goal is for the festivals to take place outdoors and for the event to feel intimate and organic—like the flowers have just been picked from the garden and the entire wedding has been integrated into the existing landscape (although albeit slightly exaggerated). Buying art can be one of the hardest parts of decorating a home. It’s a long-term audience that’s hard to convert if your tastes change, and often an expensive one there: original works often require a financial investment. Then there’s the assumption that you must have the prerequisite knowledge to pick the “right” work, combined with the potentially intimidating backdrop of the galleries or art fairs in the convention center. Overall—it’s hard not to feel discouraged by the process. Kate Bryan, Soho House’s head of collections, admits: “Sometimes you can feel a bit out of touch with art.

Real women love baseball smart women love the Florida Gators 2023 T-shirt

However, if done properly, framed pictures can be the most rewarding parts of your home, whether it’s a decorative accent that acts as a dialogue or a piece of art that becomes heirlooms passed down through generations. With that in mind, Vogue asked Bryan, who selects and curates artwork for creative members’ club outposts around the world, how to choose pieces that will hang in your home forever. Read all of her tips below. “When you’re just an independent person buying your own artwork, there’s a real thrill to building a relationship with an artist and letting that artist be someone you can be. chatted or followed on Instagram. These are not products and merchandise like other things you buy. You’re buying a piece of someone’s soul – it doesn’t sound too silly about it, but you are. You’re the custodian of something pretty special, so it’s great to get in touch with the artist in any way you can.”

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“ Ask the people in that booth how many. Ask the artists at what stage in their career. Ask them anything—don’t be shy, it’s their job! Artists want their work to be talked about. Say: ‘Hey, I’m just watching this piece, can you tell me a little bit about it? How old is the artist? What do they rely on?’ Learn absolutely everything you can. “I am always looking for someone with a very different voice. The problem with art is that it never really has many works—an artist makes art because that’s the simplest way for them to communicate their point of view. (And there’s always a point.) You want to be able to say, ‘Okay, I see where you’re coming from.

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