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For Cassie and Halle Bailey, exaggeration reigned with manes wound and bound to confectionary effect. Julia Fox let her new gray hair do the talking while Ella Emhoff’s natural curls and brushed-up brows made a statement all their own. Finally, Kylie Jenner’s ethereal Mugler gown was given a dose of drama by way of a stylized, piled-high updo worn with her signature overlined high-gloss nude lips. Here are all of the best beauty looks from the CFDA Awards 2022. The return of low rise jeans and miniskirts last year was a harbinger of another imminent comeback. Thin is, once again, back in folks. Whether it be on catwalks or in campaigns, fashion has been all clavicles, concave stomachs and visible hip bones as of late.

Rainn wilson beets shirt

Many have hypothesized the return as part of a backlash to the body positivity movement, as well as the prominence of the Brazilian butt lift (BBL) in popular culture and beauty, popularised most famously by Kim Kardashian and her siblings. And now the Kardashians, canaries in the coal mine for modern day beauty standards, have seemingly had their procedures undone, proving the era’s end in the minds of many. Lorry Hill, a vlogger who frankly discusses plastic surgery trends on her channel, uploaded a now viral video dissecting Kim and Khloe’s shrinking frames. She speculated that they had their BBLs revised and reduced, in what is referred to as a “country club BBL”. “The Reign of the Slim-Thick Influencer is OVER”, the title declared.

Rainn wilson beets s Hoodie

The end of that reign has been met with a sigh of relief for some women who aren’t naturally built like Nicki Minaj or unwilling to undergo the notoriously dangerous surgical procedures in order to be. The dangers of the BBL are well documented. A medical report in 2017 stated that it has a mortality rate of 1 in 3,000 patients, making it one of the most deadly cosmetic surgery procedures in the world. Still, understandably, some women are frustrated to see backs turn on the aesthetic, feeling it was more inclusive than the previously held standard of thinness. “Some women are happy to see the BBL trend ‘end’ because they enjoyed the privilege of slim bodies being the most desired,” journalist Chloe Sih tweeted recently. “Curvy bodies becoming more celebrated takes away from that power. It reaffirms their internalized fatphobic belief that slim bodies are respectable and timeless.”

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