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I’ve been wearing clothes that are a lot edgier. There’s some masculinity and some femininity—it’s a nice balance between the two. [For tour,] there’s this dressy pantsuit that I wear, and I have dress shirts that I wear with plaid skirts. Boots, loafers, Converse—those types of shoes. A skirt, and maybe a dress shirt or a blazer. With some boots or heels. But it changes! I’m a pretty fluid person, and I’m pretty fluid in my fashion as well. If you looked at my closet, you would think it was shoes! But it’s not: It’s less me collecting shoes, and more me just needing to clean them out of my closet. I just collect a bunch of clothes. I get sick of stuff really fast, so I’m always like, ‘I need new jeans.’ I played yesterday and the day before yesterday. It’s been really fun getting back on stage and singing in front of a live audience. It’s always a totally different energy than just being in the studio and creating; it’s been really nice to see my fans’ faces.

Official save America Donald Trump shirt

I don’t. [Laughs.] But I have people visit, which is really grounding for me. And I bring my trainer on the road. We work out and that centers mean mentally and physically. That helps a lot. I feel like making an album is also a grounding—maybe even spiritual—experience. Did you learn anything about yourself during this latest process? What I learned about myself making this record is that it’s okay to own your truth. The last album that I made, I’m proud of it, but I don’t feel like there was a lot of myself in it. There was a lot of authenticity in the lyrics, but sonically, let’s just say I don’t go back and listen to that music today. This album, I’m excited to perform it and listen back to it. I haven’t gotten tired of it. You could make a case that Santorini is too beautiful for its own good. Or at least that was my impression after being nearly flattened by a stampede of tourists on the marble-paved streets of Oia, a winding village that attracts Instagrammers the world over. Traveling to this island is not for the faint of heart, especially in the summer months, when it is more crowded—and much more expensive—than its Aegean neighbors.

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Yet there is nowhere in the world quite like Santorini. Forged by one of the most violent volcanic eruptions in history, the island is a geologic wonder of spiraling cliffside, black-sand beaches, and endless blue waters. What you need to truly enjoy all this dizzying beauty is a good base, a perch from which you can take in the best while avoiding the rest. Enter Grace Hotel, Auberge Resorts Collection, a 21-room seaside sanctuary along Santorini’s western coast, which opened in 2008 and was revamped this spring. (Last month, it was named the best resort in Greece—and the second-best in the world—by Travel & Leisure.) Despite its tiny footprint, just a few gorgeous white blocks jutting out of the volcanic crater, the miniature resort is now home to a major cocktail bar and restaurant that allows hotel guests, and visitors, to taste the best of modern Greek cuisine while feasting their eyes on panoramic views of the Aegean.

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