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Between all-smiles selfies and striking makeup moments, this week’s most scroll-stopping beauty Instagrams were all about shimmer and shine. Imaan Hammam and Sheika Daley each applied this dictate to preternaturally luminous skin, the former’s complexion framed by a slideshow of natural mane moments. Dramatic liner, merlot lips, and an interminable ponytail were all elevated by a touch of silver in the inner corner of each of Soo Joo Park’s eyes, the trick proving the power of a subtle dab of metallic. Less subtle were the likes of Kristen McMenamy, verdant glitter pressed amply into lids; Joan Smalls, who added aquamarine into the mix; and Megan Thee Stallion, who opted for refractive application of bronze.

Bigplay no drinking in the munI lot shirt

And as for the Haim sisters? The trio marked their turn as the evil stepsisters in Taylor Swift’s “Bejeweled” music video with a quick clip of their own featuring Victorian curls, ample blush, and a signature song—one that we may or may not be singing this Halloween weekend. Hailey Bieber’s beauty signature? The freshest skin going. A dedicated fan of the no makeup-makeup aesthetic, the model has long championed a barely-there base, enhanced with just the right amount of luminosity. Typically seen showing off a dewy sheen, Bieber’s smooth, even-toned complexion isn’t just down to youth and good genetics (though they help, of course)—she has long been vocal about the benefits of her rigorous skincare routine.

Bigplay no drinking in the munI lot s Hoodie

From hydrating under-eye masks to serums and moisturizers crammed with active ingredients, she has detailed her efforts to “keep [her] glow from the inside out”. As well as eating a balanced diet and applying her vitamin C religiously, Bieber also likes to try holistic treatments, like acupuncture, and ensures she works out consistently to balance hormones and health internally. On top of all that, this year she launched her own skincare brand, Rhode, which offers three formulas – a sell-out Peptide Glazing Fluid, Barrier Restore Cream and Peptide Lip Treatment. All three are gentle but promise to plump, boost radiance, and generally improve skin health. Having declared that 2022 was going to be all about “glazed doughnut” skin, the model became the unrivalled poster girl for one of this year’s biggest beauty trends.

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