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For those with smaller spaces, wellness accents are becoming the decor choice du jour. Crystals, geodes, and agate—all known for their positive energy properties—are now sold at mass-appeal home goods stores like West Elm and CB2. Himalayan salt lamps—which claim to boost moods, improve sleep, and ease allergies—have seen a spike in Google search interest since 2017. Meanwhile, biophilic design (or, in layman’s terms, having a bunch of plants to evoke the surroundings of nature) has been an extensively covered trend for a few years now. The question is—why? Wellness is far from a new concept or buzzword. (Goop, after all, was founded over 14 years ago.) But perhaps this has something to do with it: In 2020, Americans’ mental health hit new lows. According to a survey by the American Psychological Association, 67 percent of adults said they experienced stress over the course of the pandemic. Nearly half of adults reported this negatively impacted their behavior, from increased body tension, to unexpected mood swings, to screaming or yelling at loved ones. Furthermore, when Gallup asked adults across 116 countries in 2020 if they’d rather live a calm life or exciting life, 72 percent of them chose the latter. Simply put: after the year—or, at this point, years—that we’ve all collectively had, we just want to chill out. And the best place to do that? Our homes.

Your mother's favourite shirt

“We’ve all spent most of our time at home these past two years, which I think has really caused everyone to reprioritize wellness within a space. It’s no longer just a place you return to after a long day,” explains Kayne. “Your home should reflect and inspire the best in you.” These days, who couldn’t use a helping hand in the form of aromatherapy, the holistic healing treatment long lauded for its mind-body benefits? Enter the best essential oil diffusers, as chosen by Vogue, which emit a steady stream of invigorating grapefruit, say, or soothing lavender potent enough to lull you into a sweet sleep. Rest assured, thanks to forward-thinking design that marries form and function, this is one wellness tool more than worthy of a spot in your home. Just pair with your preferred essential oil to reap their mood-boosting, relaxing, or calming benefits.

Your mother's favourite s Hoodie

Diptyque may be best known for its intoxicating candles, but its diffuser is nothing to sniff at. To use the electric objet, which runs on a one-hour cycle, just slide in one of the French fragrance house’s scented capsules. There are seven to choose from—including, of course, the iconic Baies and Figuier—but we suggest snagging them all. Leave it to Memo Paris’s Clara and John Molloy to dream up the most heart-stopping diffuser yet. Found in a glass bottle with a golden rim, two flower-shaped rattan stems sit in an intoxicating pool of tuberose inspired by the desert of Marfa, Texas. Thanks to its cordless technology, Vitruvi’s Move Diffuser can scent every corner of your home with one of the brother-and-sister-run brand’s pure essential oil blends, such as Pacific, a refreshing amyris, lavender, and eucalyptus aroma, or Legacy’s warm mix of rose, bergamot, and frankincense. Minimalists the world round will delight in Tokoname’s rounded clay stone, which has been molded and polished in an ancient kiln in Japan. Simply apply a few drops of the essential oil of your choice to its surface and take a deep breath.

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