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Last season, Kim Jones and Francesco Risso brought a taste of Italy, hosting Fendi and Marni shows in the city. This season, it’s all about that Spanish flame, with Alejandro Gómez Palomo returning to New York to show Palomo Spain’s fall 2023 collection. (He made his debut in the city in 2017.) “Since we first visited New York, I really feel like I’m experiencing the friendliest and most understanding crowd, not just [with] my work but also as a person,” explained the designer via email. “People here are very supportive, very loyal and so excited to see new things and discover new people. It feels just right, warm and enjoyable. And then there’s the city, the way it moves…so inspiring!”Terry Singh Spring 2023

Billy ray cyrus and panera are conspiring against me shirt

Peter Do, Barragán, Maryam Nassir Zadeh, Adam Lippes, Victor Geralt and No Sesso are a few names absent from this season’s schedule. Some, like Tom Ford and Maisie Wilen, are taking the digital route this season. We get it, we all need breaks from time to time, but that doesn’t mean we won’t miss them. Transform everything Taking a flexible approach from season to season is definitely one of the newer developments at Fashion Week—if your vision is expressed through video or a better presentation compared to the standard catwalk show, why don’t you do it? Interior and Ashlyn are among the young brands changing their format this season. After performing at Ben’s Kosher Delicatessen (and yes, she served breakfast for us) in Midtown last season, Batsheva is heading to a downtown gallery to show a piece of “discovery” the intimate moment of wearing a dress for the first time and the emotions it evokes.” Rumor has it that it can even attract audience participation, so don’t forget the rule of improvisation number one: Always answer “Yes, and…” Bienvenido a Nueva York

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Rodarte, Anna Sui and Thom Browne, after a month as CFDA presidents, are all back on schedule with catwalk presentations. They may have only been gone for a few seasons, but we’re certainly excited to be able to once again be a part of their world-building vision. “My choice to do an intimate gig in the nightclub was inspired by Peppermint Lounge, a small 45th Street restaurant that has been converted into a hot dance club,” Sui said via email. lead in the 1960s. “There was an incredible photograph of Jane Holzer dancing at the club, and upon further research, I discovered that The Beatles and the Rolling Stones were both there to dance. This inspired a collection of clothes to wear for the night.” We cannot wait. Behind the scenes at Theophilo,

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