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Chamberlain takes that trust very seriously. For a moment, sounding like a very young, very cool dermatologist, she touts the benefits of cleansing chemical exfoliants, hyaluronic acid fillers, and refining retinol from her experience. People are still very familiar with teenage acne. The importance of representing these types of performance-based products compared to, for example, the neon eyeliner and the star-shaped acne patch that appears on many of her colleagues’ pages, is not lost. for creators—nor is it lost to Lancôme as the concept of “big screen” talent is redefined by the internet. “It was a completely different experience,” Chamberlain admits. While covering the topic of “skin influencers” in our final drink, her eyes lit up as she revealed her boyfriend, who is rumored to be musician Tucker Pillsbury, is a skin care guy. “He recently let me do his facials for the first time,” she laughs. I asked him if he listened to Dewy Dudes, the skincare podcast hosted by Emilio Quezada Ibañez and Evan Shinn; curious, Chamberlain promised that she would pass on the recommendation, and, whether she was genuine or just using her prodigious ability to sell anyone anything in a way that felt genuine, I believe her.

Neil Bonnett 12 Motorsport King T-Shirt

Any beauty enthusiast who knows their CC Cream face serum is well versed in K-Beauty, the innovation-led product boom that has sprung from Korea around the globe. In recent years, J-Beauty from Japan and even A-Beauty from Australia have joined the growing export alphabet of the industry, providing many opportunities for transcontinental product discovery. But “C-Beauty” sold out more slowly overseas. In China’s home country, however, business is booming. Local beauty brands from Beijing, Shanghai and elsewhere have become nationally known for their deep commitment to skincare, makeup and fragrances from a largely indigenous population. digital with a high degree of proficiency in mobile interfaces. Many of these products achieved overnight success on TMall or WeChat, where most Chinese spend the day scrolling on their phones. But just like many of them were never mentioned again when their formula, brand and marketing fell short of some very precise expectations.

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So, what is the recipe for success that will take these local heroes beyond their borders? It will likely lead to the right blend of ancient Chinese traditions and healing ingredients as well as a strong forward-looking approach to the formulation. Here, to celebrate the Lunar New Year, Vogue China’s beauty team has selected 13 local products to keep in your sights as we move into the Year of the Rabbit and beyond. Biohyalux, owned by Bloomage Biotech Corporation Limited, one of the world’s largest suppliers of hyaluronic acid, dips into its own supply to create the amazing HA Barrier Conditioning Single Use Essence that combines hyaluronic acid and other biotechnological supporting ingredients, such as anti-pollution ceramides and ectoine, to support and protect the skin barrier.

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