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What these accounts remind me of is that finding the simpler things in life—beautiful sunsets, waves, or howling winds—can help us come back to ourselves and dispel the anxiety and stress that statistics show most of us suffer on a daily basis. While social media can often feel suffocating, a place full of perfect-looking people trying to sell us everything, healthy natural accounts are a fun antidote. looks for all of that. I also find that it is a great reminder that there is something beyond all the noise and that it is there for all of us. Roberts, quite poetically, summed it all up when I asked him his favorite thing about the natural world: “Tiny dewdrops hanging from a spider’s web like a string of pearls; a singing robin with puffed plumage; even just a speck of dust floating in a beam of light can bring such peace. As I was checking out my flock this evening, I came across a fox hunting a field mouse in one of our pastures, and sat for a while to watch as it made galloping leaps. this usually.

Thank You For The Memories Adam Thielen 19 Minnesota Vikings 2013 – 2023 T-Shirt

Like many others, his account “booms” during the pandemic, when so many of us are locked in our homes, unable to go out and experience the world for ourselves. “I think people just want to get away from reality and live my everyday life on the farm,” he said. “But I also think that awareness about food, sustainability and farming has really increased in recent times. We’re beginning to understand the impact the way we eat on the environment, but we also don’t know where our food comes from and how it’s grown. Content on Instagram “As we become aware of the importance of these issues, I think we will find a way to re-establish our connection with the outside world,” he continued. “Following farmers on social media is an instant way to start understanding how food is grown and the type of farming you respect and want to see more of.” When it comes to this, learning about our environment is key to how both humanity and the world around us cope, especially when global warming is underway.

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“ There is a popular belief that robins show the spirit of a loved one is present and I get a lot of comments about that. People get a lot of comfort from Bob,” Tony told me over the phone. “I like to think that people see the relationship you can have with a wild animal and then take care of their own metaphorical backyard a little better. Some people will say ‘Oh, that’s just a robin,’ but when you see Bob, you realize he’s a robin with personality.” When I spoke to him, Tony was excited to tell Bob that he was going to appear in Vogue – and if that’s my only legacy as a journalist, so is it for me. is enough. Another Instagram account that thoroughly nourishes mind, body, and soul is Julius Roberts’ account. In detailing “life on a small farm in England,” he is a chef, farmer and gardener whose idyllic outdoor life I want to pick up on even the flashiest of existences. celebrity. (It’s no shame that he’s also extremely handsome.)

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